The fox that you love 2004 full movies

The fox that you love 2004 full movies

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The fox that you love 2004 full movies

The fox that you love 2004 full movies: Firstly, The film has the context of the Qin Dynasty (1,000 years before the sun) Emperor Qin was passionate about his strength and neglected the main court. In that area there was a female prime minister’s daughter who had a terrible stomachache the other day. A Taoist who passed by the village, kneeling and knowing that there was a disruptive sound came out to win but failed.

The dead girl and the crystal glass entered her into a great beauty. Her father was sad and depressed, and the court accused him of going home but was murdered by the emperor, and arrested his fox daughter in the dynasty to eat day and night. It was a love affair and a wild emperor.

Towards the end of the Shang Dynasty (about 1000B.C.) Emperor Zhou given over to drinking, women and a lack of morals, preferring these to the proper governance of the country, and ignored almost all affairs of state.

Citizen suffered much. One day, a lady named Daji has a stomach ache. All the doctors cannot cure her. A monk passed by the village and noticed the evil Fox Ghost has possessed Daji. He tried to save her but fail. Daji’s father Was a minister of Emperor Zhou but decided to leave his post.

Zhou went after him and killed him. Zhou discovered Daji and was immediately captured by her beauty. He decided to take her back to his palace and have sex with her day and night. Daji becomes Zhou’s favorite concubine. She and Zhou together was responsible for the demise of the Shang Dynasty. This movie is borderline porn. Male genitals are shown but there is no explicit penetration

The fox that you love 2004 full movies

Also Known As:

Year: 2004

Directed by: Lam Yee-Hung

* Genre: Erotica, 18+, Mature, Historical

* Running time: 88 min

* Country: Taiwan

* Language: Mandarin

* Subtitles: Chinese

* IMDB: none

* Cast: Taji, Li La, Fa guo

FORMAT………….: 1000.01 MiB | 88 min | 640×368 | avi

Release Date in Taiwan: 01-01-2004

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