Passion Flower 2013 full movies

Passion Flower 2013

Passion Flower 2013 full movies

A woman fatally beautiful, burns with hidden passion!

Passion Flower 2013 full movies free online : Firstly,  Jong-sup who raising his only son by himself after his wife died and loses his son to an unfortunate accident. Then he finds out he’s got cancer and only has 6 months to live. He doesn’t want to lose his dignity until the moment he dies so he hires a caregiver who is Yeon-hwa. Seeing her carry out all of his picky demands, and he feels attracted to her and it grows big enough to wake up the desire inside him. However, despite Jong-sup, Yeon-hwa weakens him further by being more and more charming with every moment. Just when Jong-sup decides he can’t take it any more, he faces an unbelievable truth.

A beautiful, deadly woman, lit the desire hidden!
Jong Seop (Shin Sung Il), who lived with her first wife and raised a single son and lost her son due to a car accident. After a while, she gets a six-month deadline, which is the end of colon cancer. In order not to lose the stamina that has been preserved for life until the moment of death, Jong – seob finds a caregiver and a beautiful woman soft – skinned (baesulgi) comes to her as a caregiver.

Jong – seob ‘s feelings of unfamiliarity and the emotions become bigger and wake up even the desire hidden deeply in his heart. However, he does not care about that kind of mind, but shakes him even more fascinatingly at the moment. When Jong Seop thinks his mind about softening is irreversible, he confronts the unbelievable truth.

Passion Flower 2013 full movies free online

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아름다워서 치명적인 여자, 숨겨두었던 욕망에 불을 붙이다!
부인을 먼저 보내고 하나뿐인 아들을 키우며 살아온 종섭(신성일)은 불의의 교통사고로 아들까지 잃게 되는데, 얼마 후 자신마저 대장암 말기라는 6개월 시한부 판정을 받는다. 종섭은 죽는 순간까지 평생 지켜왔던 의연함을 잃지 않기 위해 간병인을 구하고 아름다운 여인 연화(배슬기)가 종섭의 간병인으로 찾아온다. 까다로운 수발을 묵묵히 견뎌내는 연화의 모습을 보며 종섭은 알 수 없는 감정을 느끼게 되고, 그 감정은 더욱 커져 마음 속 깊이 숨겨두었던 욕망마저 깨우고 만다. 하지만 연화는 그런 종섭의 마음에 아랑곳하지 않고 순간순간 매혹적인 모습으로 그를 더욱 흔든다. 종섭은 연화에 대한 자신의 마음이 돌이킬 수 없다고 생각하는 순간, 믿을 수 없는 진실과 마주하게 된다.

Also Known As: 야관문 : 욕망의 꽃 2013, yag-wan-mun : yog-mang-eui kkoch 2013, Door to the Night 2013, Flower of Desire 2013
Directed by Im Kyeong-soo (임경수)
Screenplay by:
Runtime: 95 min
Release in South Korea: 2013/11/07
Genre: Drama, 18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature, Melodrama •Romance •Mystery
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Quality: HD
Color: Color

Baek Seul-bi 백슬비, Chae Rin 채린, Hae Il 해일, Bae Seul-gi 배슬기 As Yeon-hwa (연화), Yoo Tae-woong 유태웅 As Reporter Oh (오기자), Kim Jung-kyoon 김정균 As Hyeong-seok (형석), Lee Hee-seok (이희석) As Jeong-hwan (정환), Jung Jae-jin 정재진 As Principal Seo (서교장), Shin Chul-jin (신철진) as Principal Kim (김교장), Jung Jong-yul (정종열) as Desk (데스크), Cheon Sin-nam (천신남) as Fish shop owner (생선가게 주인),

Lee Ee-soo (이의수) as Fruit shop owner (과일가게 주인), Kim Bong-soo (김봉수) as
Herbalist (약초상), Lee Sul-goo (이설구) as Thug (건달), Lee Da-eun (이다은) as Waitress (여종업원), Jeon Il-beom (전일범) as Head of department (부장), Kim Geun-soo (김근수) as Host (사회자)

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