Part Time Spy 2017 full movies free

    Part Time Spy 2017 full movies free

    Part Time Spy 2017 full movies free

    Part Time Spy 2017 full movies free online : Firstly, A former national security agency contract worker works with an undercover policewoman to recover stolen money from a voice phishing syndicate.

    Secondly, Jang Young-Sil (Gang Ye-Won) barely lands a job at the NSA (National Security Agency). However, she is hired as a contract worker to write positive comments for the NSA. Na Jung-An (Han Chae-Ah) is a detective who often uses foul language. Although, They carry out an infiltration operation to recover money that was stolen from her boss in a voice phishing scheme.

    Thirdly, An eye for an eye, a scam for a scam, who said interns are intern?
    Korea, where job crunch is becoming major issue, there’s 35 year-old Yeong-sil desperate woman more than ready for full time job. So, Yeong-sil obtained all kinds of certification including military training. Finally she gets a call from National security agency to be the intern. But the joy lasts no long, she is asked to leave. Even if, One day, she accidently discovers that her boss just scammed of half million dollars by phishing.

    By instinct she feels this is the chance, and she makes a deal with the boss of full time job, if she brings back money. Even though, Now as a undercover spy, Yeong-sil starts to works at the voice phishing center. Then, Would she find the criminal and become a real employee? Finally,…

    Part Time Spy 2017 full movies free online

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    Movie: Part-Time Spy
    Revised romanization: Bijeongkyujik Teuksuyowon
    Hangul: 비정규직 특수요원
    Director: Kim Deok-Soo
    Writer: Kim Deok-Soo
    Producer: Yoo Yeon-Soo
    Cinematographer: Lee Jong-Yeol
    Release Date: March 16, 2017
    Runtime: 117 min.
    Genre: Action-Comedy
    Production Company: Storm Pictures
    Distributor: Storm Pictures, ISU C&E
    Language: Korean
    Country: South Korea

    Cast: Kang Ye-won 강예원 As Jang Yeong-sil (장영실), Han Chae-ah 한채아 As Na Jeong-an (나정안), Jo Jae-yoon 조재윤 As Deputy head of department Park (박차장), Kwak Ja-hyeong 곽자형 As Chief Financial Officer (재무실장), Kim Min-kyo 김민교 As Head of a department Yang (양실장), Kim Sung-eun 김성은 As Eun-jeong (은정)

    Part Time Spy 2017 full movies

    Additional Cast Members:

    Kwak Ja-Hyoung – Chief Financial Officer
    Dong Hyun-Bae – Jae-Yong
    Kim Sung-Eun – Eun-Jung
    Lee Jung-Min – Song-Yi
    Nam Sung-Jin – President Gu
    Joo Young-Ho – drunken taxi passenger / voice of junior foreign minister
    Hwang So-Hee – female subway passenger
    Jo Chang-Geun – Dog Sound student
    Jo Yoon-Ho – pickpocket
    Lim Ye-Jin – Jang Young-Sil’s mother
    Ryoo Sung-Hyun – section chief of city hall
    Hyun Bong-Sik – Colonel

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    Genre: Korean 18+


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