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Natalie 2010 full movies free

Natalie 2010 full movies free

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Natalie 2010 full movies free

Natalie 2010 full movies free: Firstly, talking about Natalie is a masterpiece sculpture depicting beauty of a woman. The identity of the woman depicted in the sculpture is unknown. “Natalie” is then presented to the public at an art exhibition held by sculptor Hwang Jun-Hyuk (Lee Sung-Jae). On the last day of the exhibition Jun-Hyuk tells art critic Jang Min-Woo (Kim Ji-Hoon) about a passionate affair with modern dance student Oh Mi-Ran (Park Hyun-Jin). Art critic Min-Woo tells Jun-Hyuk that Mi-Ran loves him. Jun-Hyuk and Min-Woo have different memories surrounding Mi-Ran and they begin to unveil the secret surrounding her.

People who have build a wall around themselves. A sculptor Jun-hyeok, an art critic Min-woo, and a modern dance student Mi-ran. A mystery melodrama about the love and secrets of the three people.

Mi-ran, a beautiful dance student (Park Hyun-jin), becomes the model, muse and lover of her philandering sculptor-professor Jun-hyuk (Lee Sung-jae). When Mi-ran realizes that she will never be more than a model for Jun-hyuk, she leaves him for her stalker-cum-fellow student Min-woo (Kim Ji-hoon).

The story takes place 10 years later, when Min-woo and Jun-hyuk reunite as art critic and interviewee, and the two compare their conflicting memories of Mi-ran, who seems to have since disappeared.

Natali is a metal sculpture of a naked woman in an erotic pose. The sculptor, the Professor, won’t sell. A former student appears and seeks to interrogate him about his relationships with women, in particular Mi-Ran, who may or may not be the inspiration for Natali.

Natalie 2010 full movies free online

The younger man wants to buy the sculpture, but why exactly? We are taken back in time as the sculptor describes his passionate sexual relationship with dance student Mi-Ran, his account of events critiqued by the increasingly irate visitor. Their love affair came to a halt ten years ago, but has it ended? The visitor picks up the story and we learn how things turned out.

I can’t say that any aspect of this film is wholly convincing – the interview, the rather idealised affair or why it had to stop (something I didn’t really get) – nor did I really believe in Mi-Ran as a character. She’s very beautiful but that’s pretty much it. Maybe it’s fair to say that neither man’s testimony is entirely true; why should they be?

The sculptor’s romantic sexual relationship with her is cleverly contrasted with the gratuitous sexual affair he has since enjoyed(?) with his curator, their sweaty humping versus the tenderness and adoration given to Mi-Ran. Presumably the sex scenes are where the 3D fad is meant to pay off; I had some old 3D glasses but all I ever get from those is a headache.

I’d say that Natali descends into bathos, right at the very end, so that might even be a recommendation for more cynical viewers. It’s probably meant to be a film about the mysteries and verities of love, true or false, real or imagined; it’s just that one is left sniggering over the closing credits. I suspect both men want the statue of Natali for purely carnal purposes (see the film and you’ll understand).
Natalie 2010 full movies free online. Finally, they get what they wish and live with each other have happiness so much forever….


  1. “Natalie” is the first Korean 3D movie to be released theatrically.
  2. Production ran from May through September, 2010.

So-yeon suddenly enters her friend Min-seo’s house after witnessing her husband cheating. So-yeon falls asleep after drinking with Min-seo, who comes to her room by her late husband, Dong-wook. Su-yeon suddenly wakes up and suddenly hits Dong-wook as a traitor.

However, Dong-wook is relieved to see So-yeon who can’t remember the day before. Dong-wook promises to introduce So-yeon to his boss Jun-suk for promotion, and So-yeon and Jun-suk make a place to drink. Jun-seok and So-yeon who have drank alcohol share the affairs. Can Junseok occupy Soyeon’s heart?

Natalie 2010

Original Title: Natali 2010, Na-tal-li 2010, Nat’alli 2010, ナタリー〜 絡みつく愛の記憶〜 2010, Natalri 2010,

Korean Title: 나탈리 2010
Other title: Natalie 2010 full movie, Natalie 2010 full movie free, Natalie 2010 full movie free online , Natalie 2010 full movie free watch download online

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Also Known As: Natalie 2010 film cast imdb review story korean movie drama trailor eng sub English subtitle subtitle indonesia dramacool streaming trailor

Directed by Joo Kyeong-joong (주경중)
Writing Credits (in alphabetical order) Kyung-jung Joo … (as Kyung-Jung Ju)
Screenplay by Joo Kyeong-joong (주경중), Kim Wook-I (김욱)
Produced by Sung-Wook Kang … producer
Film Editing by Steve M. Choe, Changju Kim
Visual Effects by Ju-won Lee … visual effects
Music by Si Kyung-won
Cinematography Kim Yung-chul
Edited by Cho Min-yeong, Kim Chang-ju
Distributed by Lotte Entertainment
Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $1,042,048

Genre:  18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature, Drama, Mystery, Romance
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Length: 89 min
Release Date in South Korea: 28 October 2010
View: 100
ContentRating: 18
Publish Date: 2017-10-14
ContentUrl: https://www.fembed.com/v/y342wueww7d1rn7
embedUrl: https://www.fembed.com/v/y342wueww7d1rn7

Lee Sung-jae 이성재 As Joon-hyeok (준혁)
Kim Ji-hoon-I 김지훈 As Min-woo (민우)
Park Min-kyung 박민경 As Mi-ran (미란)
Kim Ki-yeon 김기연 As Park Hyo-rim (박효림)
Kim Eun-kyeong (김은경) As Ballerina ( 무용출연)
Kang Jin-joo (강진주) As Ballerina (무용출연)

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