Ghostly Love 1989 full movies free

Ghostly Love 1989 full movies free

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Ghostly Love 1989 full movies free

Ghostly Love 1989 full movies free online: Firstly, “Chinese Ghost Story” clone, with “Erotic Ghost Story” treatment. Scholar Tsin Fai arrives in a strange village where the beautiful Siu Chui mysteriously arrives in his room and into his bed. Next day, in the street, she treats him as a stranger…

Zhan Hui Hui Tianci Decoration) is a scholar who is a family of four seas . When he walks through the temple in Hubei, he encounters a strange team. Zhanhui was shocked to see the bride’s appearance as a fairy, but he was crying in tears in the car. At this time, the slaps of the wind, the wind and the wind, the ghost king appeared to grab the pro, and then a chivalry Xue San and the ghost king fight.

Zhanhui picked up Xue San Gu Jian, and he left the ashes into the bottle. After the wake, Chin-hui doubt yourself to do a weird dream, the next day, Chin-hui into the city lodging inn, the inn endless entanglement of his wife, suddenly, a woman started, this woman was actually the night in the bridal sedan chair, claiming Komidori Emily Chu ornaments ) .

In order to report the life-saving grace, the early morning show up, the beautiful woman has been stunned. Zhanhui went to the streets to visit friends, and met Xiaocui and his ring, while Xiaocui regarded him as a stranger, and Zhanhui was puzzled. Later, I was told that this woman was a little girl who was visiting Wei Shu’s little girl. It is the night Xiao Cui reappears, and Xiaoru is a sister. And he is already a ghost. Because the ghost king covets its beauty, she must never be super-born.

Ghostly Love 1989 full movies free online

Zhanhui wants to help Xiao Cui reincarnation, and he is looking for a worries-free approach to Taoist practices, but it is not a matter of help. Xiaoshu disregarded the opposition of his parents and shared difficulties with Zhanhui. Welcome back to Xiao Cui ashes, the Taoist practice is over, and there is a battle with the ghost king. Lai Xue San Gu Jian chased the ghost king, but in the super law field, he was captured by the ghost king Xiao Cui. Zhanhui asked the Taoist to help him go to the yin dynasty to save Xiao Cui. After the three men joined forces to fight, the ghost king was wiped out, and Dawn Cui and Zhanhui left the Yin Cao government.

Chinese title: Magi Bridge

Ghostly Love (1989)
Alias: Virgin
Alias : 靈幻新娘
Country: Taiwan
Genres: Adult Fantasy

Directed by: James Wu Kuo-Ren
Austin Wai Tin-Chi as Scholar Tsin Fai
Emily Chu Bo-Yee as Siu Chui and Siu Lin [2 roles]
Ito Sayoka
Kishimoto Yumi as Miho (Mei Kuen)
Pang San
Yuen Sam (1)
Lam Wai (1) as Ching Sam [cameo]
Mark Lung Goon-Mo
Gam Chi-Ho
Lung Tien-Hsiang
Man Chung-San … Waiter

Release Date: 01-01-1989

release time: April 29, 1991

Running time: 90 min

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