Female War Doggie's Uprising 2016 full movie

Female War Doggie's Uprising 2016

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Female War Doggie’s Uprising 2016 full movie

Female War Doggie’s Uprising 2016 full movie free online : Firstly, Last week, I saw an article by accident. The title was irritating. [Tuck Daddy 19 gold smoke challenge] It was like this. Answer me. 1988’s heart-warming uncle, Tuck. Daddy challenged 19 gold? The title of the movie was War of Women: Pottery .
When I searched, it was a TV series, not a movie. Yes … when the water comes in I have to paddle.

I know women war
I’ve seen the plot of pottery and it’s not like I saw it! Park In-kwon ( I don’t know his name, but I’ve seen many of his works ) is a TV series of man’s cartoons. Didn’t many men see this uncle’s work?

The women’s war has six episodes, not only in the war of pottery, but also in Bongcheon-dong’s struggle, the man who moved in, the reason of the woman, the drifting eyes, and the mean trade. As I said above, I think Taegi’s father is higher than Daegi

Pottery G review
If you look at the movie, you can see that it was a drama like the other series. There is a lot to say about movies. Still, the original work was fun and well saved. The ending is very different, but

now … Women’s War: Pottery I’m starting the G review. It is full of sports. ( Image source: Naver movie )

The egg time of the pottery is about 2 hours running time. Why do you keep seeing just the right storage as if it were a drama? Even if the production cost is low, it seems like it was easy to see because it was fun.

The ending is completely different from the original. To summarize a few ( original on the left, the movie on the right )
1. The name of the pottery ‘Odogi: the guidogi’
2. The friend and wife of the ‘couple between: the boss and the employee’
3. The witness’s job is ‘photographer: debtor’
4. The protagonist is a ‘bad girl: a good girl to know’
5. The ending is ‘da death: only part death’

The ending of the original die just as it was written. When he finds out that he has been cheated, he makes a poison (the potter’s job is a herbalist, so he can make poison ) . He eats and acts with his friend’s wife for the last race. And pottery dies. The medicine that the pottery drank spreads to sperm and spreads to his friend’s wife.

A friend who is unaware of this fact acts to preserve the race with his wife and spreads poison to his body, eventually killing all three. And end ~
The original story ends tragically like this. Movie ending tragic too? Or happy endings that many people like? If you are curious, please watch the movie ~ ㅋㅋ

Women’s War: My star rating for pottery is 1.5 in 5 pieces. One is because the original work is funny, but the tack gives 0.5 to the father’s pure figure.

There are many bad guys in the world. Bad guys trying to steal anything that isn’t theirs. There are many strange movies in the world. Things that pretend to be movies are not movies.

Female War Doggie’s Uprising 2016 full movie free online

By the way, Taek … why did you do that?

There is a visitor for local herb gatherer Doggie who has no particular need or greed for anything. His friend Chang-guk who is wanted to failure in his business and his captivating wife Seon-hwa come to see Doggie who has no choice but to give them a place to hide. The three of them end up living umcomfortably together. Will Doggie be able to suppress his desires for his friend’s wife? And what is her secret that Doggie must never know?

In-Kwon Park is an artist who has already produced a variety of his works in dramas, and is an absolute strong man and storyteller in the adult cartoon world. This time he knocks on the screen with the series ‘War of Women’. A total of six episodes of the “Women’s War” will be unveiled, starting with the “Potion of the Moon”, which was confirmed in March.

The public’s expectation, including his long-time fans, is also rising as he predicted that the 19-million-dollar philosophy of Park In-kwon, who was inevitably deleted at the time of the production of airwave drama, would be expressed on the screen. The man, who mainly produced male-oriented works, said that this time he wanted to draw a woman and a strong woman.

The first scapegoat of a strong woman, created by Park Hwa-baek, is a simple herb, pottery. And the person who played the role of ‘Doggy’ was none other than Choi Tao’s ‘Taek Dad’ in the drama [Reply 1988 (Nepal)]. He has communicated with the public through various works, but he also lacked recognition in comparison with other actors. However, he has shaken such a pity in the popular drama ‘Nepal’ and is now preparing for an emergency.

The role that will be a wonderful wing in the emergency seems to be ‘pottery’. Through pottery, he presented eight colors of acting, including not only innocent purity but also passionate romance with Sunhwa (Nosuram). Let’s check out the first episode of ‘Women’s War’, where the limit of the open-minded spirit, who was not faithful to the original, to provoke the man’s feelings, was also sexy as any male actor. .

The women’s war: the War of Pottery will be released in March. <Cinema Plus – Movie Hot Issue>


One day, a guest comes to the old bricklayer ‘Doggy’ who lived in the mountain village without big greed. A friend who is in desperate need of business, ‘Chang Chang’ came up with his wife, ‘Sunhwa’. The pottery hides them inevitablely and the strange and uncomfortable cohabitation of the three begins …

Can you endure the intense desire for an unstoppable friend’s wife?

And what is her secret that pottery should never know?

Female War Doggie’s Uprising 2016 여자전쟁:도기의난 2016

Original title: 여자전쟁:도기의난 2016, yeo-ja jeon-jaeng: do-gi-eui nan 2016, Female War: Doggie’s Uprising 2016
Also Known As: Female War Doggie’s Uprising 2016 full movies free online
Other title: Female War Doggies Uprising 2016, Women’s War: Doggy Pottery 2016, Women’s War: Pottery I 2016
Directed by Song Chang-soo (송창수)
Screenplay by:
Running time: 116 min
Release in South Korea: 2016/03/24
Genre: Drama, 18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature, Melodrama, Romance, Thriller
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Quality: HD
Color: Color
View: 100
Publish Date: 2019-08-06

Choi Sung-hee 최성희 As Seon-hwa (선화)
Choi Moo-sung 최무성 As Do-gi (도기)
Kim Joon-bae 김준배
Kim Ki-bang 김기방

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