Female War Bloody War in Bongcheon-dong 2016

Female War Bloody War in Bongcheon-dong 2016

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Female War Bloody War in Bongcheon-dong 2016

Female War Bloody War in Bongcheon-dong 2016 full movie free online : Firstly Haedanghwa, a beautiful woman, comes into the life of a single father and his three grown-up sons all of sudden! The abandoned woman, who does not have any memories about herself, begins her precarious cohabitation with the family of four men. And this is how the intense battle among four men to earn Haedanghwa’s heart begins. However, the story starts going towards a completely unexpected direction as a group of suspicious men appear.

Her painting of beauty looks suddenly before her widower and three grown-up sons! She and her father-in-law, who were left without any memory of themselves, begin to live together. The four men’s fierce struggles to take the place, and the suspicious men appear, unfolding in unexpected ways.

Once I’ll be watching from a rough storyline of the movie -the three sons widower stay clean and litter sseunde is not always a blessing and a son, his lamentation that is housed chiwoomyeo live day to day crap. I always find out what kind of woman is falling from the pile of garbage as usual, and I wonder what to do with her . I don’t know what to do and I don’t know what to do . I don’t know what to do . The father, who brought him to his three sons, said that he could return home after a few days of rest .

Her name is the painting, which gives the son’s room to the painting, and the father and three sons start living together in one room . When the beautiful and sexy beauty of the painting comes home and starts to live together, his father and his three sons spend the night unconsciously sleeping with curiosity and sneaky thoughts. That night, the father secretly enters the room of his three sons to violate the painting, lifts the skirt, hangs on his three sons, and is

He even says that his father is old , and drives Avery to say that he is a horned dog . His father gone for a long time to doksugongbang so sad father three sons who do you talk to is said to live sucking his blood to a vampire-year-old son is Shige it into the air within a room matdaeeung.

Female War Bloody War in Bongcheon-dong 2016 full movies free online

The next day, the youngest one needs to find a house and she will go to the police box. However, when he sees the police box, he refuses and refuses to enter . The youngest, however, tries to drag her into the police box somehow, but she never tries to get into that. The youngest is forced to bring her back home . In the meantime, they will report the person who touches the corresponding picture in the future . It was part of his willingness to protect himself from his brothers and father .

The youngest child has a ban on the painting room and the father and two brothers are out of reach. That night my father went to sleep, and the painting came into my father’s room, taking off one by one, and approaching him. But at that moment, the father wakes up from his dream. Thus, the father and his two sons are struggling to occupy the paintings .

I will leave the next story for those who watch the movie . If you know everything about the movie, it will be less fun. Sticker images This movie is very interesting in the women’s war Bongcheon-dong bloody This movie was produced by dividing into 1 and 2 films.
It’s a two-part Bongcheon-dong blood fight is getting more fun because of the actors who know the actors if you haven’t seen it yet.

Female War Bloody War in Bongcheon-dong 2016 여자 전쟁: 봉천동 혈투 2016

Original title: 여자 전쟁: 봉천동 혈투 2016, yeo-ja jeon-jaeng: bong-cheon-dong hyeol-too 2016
Also Known As: Female War Bloody War in Bongcheon-dong 2016 full movies free online
Other title: Women’s War: Battle of Bongcheon-dong (2016)
Directed by Kwon Sung-kook (권성국)
Screenplay by: Kim Jae-hong-I (김재홍)
Running time: 97 min
Release in South Korea: 2016/07/14
Genre: Drama, 18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature, Melodrama, Romance, Comedy
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Quality: HD
Color: Color
View: 100
Publish Date: 2019-08-10

Choi Jong-won 최종원Lee Byung-joon
Lee Byung-joon 이병준
Choi Jong-hoon-II (최종훈)
Yoon Sung-min (윤성민)
Tae Mi (태미) As Sweetbrier (해당화)
Haha (하하) As Manager Heung-sin (흥신소장)

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