El condor pasa 2013 full movies free

El condor pasa 2013​ full movies

El condor pasa 2013​ full movies free

El condor pasa 2013​ full movies free online : Firstly, A priest becomes involved in the death of a girl. The girl was like a family member to him inside and outside of the Catholic church. Due to her death, the priest goes through mental and physical hardships …

On her way back home from church, a middle school girl is murdered. PARK (CHO), a Catholic priest, visits the girl’s sister Soo-hyun (BAE) to offer his condolences.Through shared grief and melancholy, the two begin to develop deep feelings for one another, and are unable to avoid falling in love. For his trangressions, PARK is excommunicated, then spiraling downward into the nothingness of love gone sour. With few options left, he leaves for Peru in search of the only friend who might accept his confessions of guilt.

Director JEON Soo-il has been a mainstay of Korea’s independent film scene since the early 1990’s. With his roots in Busan, far from Korea’s cultural capital, his films tend to feature both regional shooting locations and socially marginal characters, as can be seen in <El Condor Pasa>. His films have appeared at nearly every major international film festival of note. His 2007 <With a Girl of Black of Soil> took home awards from Venice, Deauville, and Busan. Finally,…..

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Movie: El Condor Pasa
Revised romanization: Kondoleun Nalaganda
Hangul: 콘돌은 날아간다
Director:Jeon Soo-Il
Writer:Jeon Soo-Il, Kim Kyung
Producer:Jeon Soo-Il, Kim Jung-Hyun, Kim Sung-Jin
Cinematographer: Kim Sung-Tae
World Premiere: October, 2012 (Busan International Film Festival)
Release Date: May 30, 2013
Runtime: 102 min.
Genre:Drama / Arthouse
Distributor:Mountain Pictures
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Cho Jae-Hyun as Priest Park
Bae Jung-Hwa as Soo-Hyun
Yoo Yeon-Mi as Yeon-Mi
Yoo Soon-Chul as Priest Park’s father

Film Festivals

2012 (17th) Busan International Film Festival – October 4-13, 2012 – Gala Presentation *World Premiere
2013 (48th) Karlovy Vary International Film Festival – June 28-July 6, 2013 – Another View

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