Delicious College Girls 2019

Delicious College Girls 2019

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Delicious College Girls 2019

Delicious female college students!

Delicious College Girls 2019 full movie free online : Firstly, is a Korea movie that talking about the sexy and refreshing girls who can’t escape once you taste them~ Geo and Seoyoung are lodging at Minji’s house. Geo and Seoyoung’s boarding fees have been pushed for months. Minji asks for a boarding fee. Seo-young starts a date job to pay the boarding fee. Geo also pays all the overdue lodging fees as he goes on a date with Seoyoung. Minji declares that men are banned from entering.

Even so, men secretly enter the boarding house, but Geo’s lover Yun-sung gets caught by Min-ji. Minji threatens Yoon-sung and has a love affair. Satisfied Minji sometimes informs him that he can bring men, and says thanks to Geo and Seoyoung.

Original Title: Delicious Female College Students 2019
Native Title: 맛있는 여대생들 2019
Other title:  Delicious College Girls 2019 full movie free online , Delicious College Girls 2019 full movie free watch download online

Also Known As: Delicious College Girls 2019 2018 18+ film cast IMDb review story Korean movie drama trailer eng sub English subtitle subtitle Indonesia hancinema watch stream download online movie

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Delicious College Girls 2019 full movie free online

Directed by Seongjun Chun 천성준
division Domestic movies

Running time 76 minute 01 seconds

Production year 2017

Genre:  18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature, Drama,Melodrama, Romance
Country: South Korea
Country of Origin: South Korea
Filming Locations: South Korea
Language: Korean
Length: 76 min
Release Date in South Korea: January 01, 2019
View: 100
ContentRating in South Korea: 18
Publish Date: 2020-05-01
Image Width: 230
Image Height: 329
Video Quality: HD
Video Width: 1280
Video Height: 720
Content Is Family Friendly = False
Content Requires Subscription = False


Kim Soo-ji 김수지
Park Eun Young
Min Do Youn
LeeYou Jung

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