Casa Amor Exclusive For Ladies 2015

Casa Amor Exclusive For Ladies 2015

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Casa Amor Exclusive For Ladies 2015

Casa Amor Exclusive For Ladies 2015: Firstly, Bo-Hee (Cho Yeo-Jeong) works at a toy company. She is viewed favorably at work and is set for a promotion, but she makes a stupid mistake. Bo-Hee is then fired from her job. Bo-Hee then starts an adult products business with Nan-Hee (Clara).


  1. Filming began March 15, 2014 and finished June 8, 2014 at Namyangju Studios in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. The last scene filmed involves Bo-Hee (Cho Yeo-Jeong) and Nan-Hee (Clara) participating at a business fair.

Secondly, Beautiful, workaholic Bo-hee is a successful marketing executive at the number one toy company in Korea. Respected by her colleagues and in line for a promotion, she makes an irrevocable mistake that gets her fired from her job. Thirdly, Bo-hee’s life further spins out of control when her husband Gang-sung leaves her soon after. Bo-hee is befriended by her neighbor Nan-hee, an amateur sex expert who runs a sex shop on the brink of bankruptcy called “Casa Amor.” Nan-hee’s predicament inspires Bo-hee’s creativity, and using her background in children’s toys, she is determined to save the shop by making its ambiance more refined and by promoting better sex toys.

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Casa Amor Exclusive For Ladies 2015


  • Movie: Casa Amor: Exclusive For Ladies (English title) / Working Girl (Korean English title)
  • Revised romanization: Weokinggul
  • Hangul: 워킹걸
  • Directed by: Jung Bum-Sik
  • Writer: Jung Bum-Sik
  • Producer: Min Jin-Soo, Kim Hong-Baek
  • Cinematographer: Lee Sun-Young
  • Release Date: January 7, 2015
  • Running time: 112 min.
  • Genre: Comedy / Women / Business
  • Production Company: Hong Film, Soo Film
  • Distributor: Megabox Plus M
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Cho Yeo-Jeong as Bo-Hee
Clara as Nan-Hee
Kim Tae-Woo as Kang Sung-Gyu
Kim. Ha-Yoo as Ha-Yoo
Kim Bo-Yeon as Mrs. Yoon
Ra Mi-Ran as Soon-Ok
Jo Jae-Yun as Department Head Jo
Bae Sung-Woo as Soo-Bum
Ko Gyung-Pyo as Gyeong-Soo

Additional Cast Members:

Kim Ki-Cheon as Mrs. Yoon’s boyfriend
Kim Young-Ok as  president of toy company
Oh Na-Ra as Soo-Bum’s wife
Jo Suk-Hyun as pickpocket
Kim Do-Yeon as Department Head Jo’s wife
Kim Chul-Moo as tough guy
Joo Yoo-Rang as human cultural asset
Jung Bum-Sik as human cultural asset’s husband
Choi Young-Shin as adult products clerk
Lee Min-Ah as housewife
Park Ji-Yeon as housewife

Shin Min-Soo as food cart man
Kim Yeol as Casa Amor employee
Park Jung-Pyo as villa employee
Kang Chul-Sung as taxi driver
Hong Ji-Young as experiment woman
Bae Yoo-Ram as Toy and Joy employee
Park Ju-Hee as female police officer
Choi Sung-Joon as Nan-Hee’s first love
Lee Jae-Gu as Nan-Hee’s father
Julian Kang as muscular man
Lee Seung-Won as captain of a cheerleading squad
Lee Kyoo-Ho as employee of toy company
Kim Yoon-Joo as evil woman
Kim Jung-Soo as executive

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