An Affair My Wife's Friend 2018 Free

An Affair My Wife's Friend 2018

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An Affair My Wife’s Friend 2018 Free

An Affair My Wife’s Friend 2018 full movie free online : Firstly, Lonely night, my wife’s wife (?) To thank my wife’s wife!After leaving the company, Hyunju is kicked out of the house where he could not pay rent. After worrying, I decided to hire a friend Hye-jin’s house only for a job. Unlike worry, Hye-jin’s husband, Sang-woo, gives warmth. One day, HyeJin’s sudden business trip leaves only Hyunju and Sangoo at home. They drink in the evening and go beyond the line that they should not cross. On the other hand, my wife, Hye-jin, is like a junior in the middle of a business trip.

외로운 밤, 아내 몫(?)까지 해주는 고마운 아내 친구!
현주는 다니던 회사를 그만둔 후, 월세도 못 내 살던 집에서 쫓겨난다. 고민 끝에 일자리를 구하는 동안만 친구 혜진의 집에 빌붙기로 한다. 걱정과 달리 혜진의 남편 상우는 따뜻하게 대해준다. 어느 날, 혜진의 갑작스런 출장으로 집에는 현주와 상우만 남게 된다. 그들은 저녁에 같이 술을 마시다 취해 넘어서는 안 될 선을 넘는다. 한 편, 아내 혜진은 남자 후배와 같이 간 출장에서 모텔에 방이 없어 혼숙하게 되는데…

The wife’s friend fills in for the wife on lonely nights!
Hyun-joo quits her job and gets kicked out of the house she can’t pay for. In the end, she stays at Hye-jin’s while she looks for a job. Despite her worries, Hye-jin’s husband Sang-woo is kind to her. One day, Hyun-joo is home alone with Sang-woo because Hye-jin is away working. They start drinking and cross a line they shouldn’t have crossed. Meanwhile, Hye-jin has to share a room with her co-worker because they don’t have enough rooms in the motel.

An Affair My Wife’s Friend 2018 free

Original title: An Affair My Wife’s Friend 2018
Also Known As: 정사 : 아내의 친구 2018, jeong-sa : a-nae-eui chin-gu 2018
Directed Jo Tae-ho (조태호)
Screenplay by:
Length: 71 min
Release in South Korea: 2018/05/17
Genre: Drama, 18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature, Melodrama •Romance
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Quality: HD
Color: Color
Cast: Kim Hee-jeong-III (김희정), Yoon Da-hyun (윤다현), Moon Sung-sik (문성식), Choi Woo-suk-I (최우석), Yoo Sul-young (유설영)

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