A Kind Affair 2017 full movies free

    A Kind Affair 2017 full movies free

    A Kind Affair 2017 full movies free

    A Kind Affair 2017 full movies free online : Firstly, is a Korea movie that talking about a housewife who has prehensile Alzheimer’s feels romance with a young man.
    Secondly, She has hot intercourse with him and not her husband who embraces her ratchet sex life and holds her with dear love.
    She feels physical pleasure and delight during intercourse that she’s never felt with her husband before! On the other hand, her affair with the young man starts like that.

    The highlight of the film is the soundtrack, very well aligned with the narrative story of the film, which features a melodramatic tone that unfortunately did not avenge the fact of emphasizing the novel and not the drama, lacked the balance, but the Order until it was a story inside the acceptable.

    A Kind Affair 2017 full movie free online

    Also Known As: 착한불륜 2017, chak-han-bul-ryun 2017
    Genre: Drama, 18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature, Melodrama •Romance
    Country: South Korea
    Language: Korean
    Runtime: 105 min
    Release in South Korea: 2017/05/11
    Quality: HD
    Color: Color
    Directed by EROPING (에로핑)
    Screenplay by :
    Cast: Baek Se-ri (백세리), Yeong Ah (영아), James (제임스), Yoon Sang-doo (윤상두), Si Woo 시우, Jeong Ah 정아, Hwa Joon (화준), Eun Joo (은주), Min Joon (민준), Ji Yeong (지영), Hoon-I (훈), Ae Ra (애라), Dong Hyeok (동혁)

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    Genre: Korean 18+


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